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Visionary Consulting


My counseling sessions offer an integrative process of exploration that can be used with any type of imagery, to solve any type of problem.  I use proven methods found useful for exploring questions and issues.  These include:

Discovery Session

During this 2-hour reading, we will get to know each other, and explore your current life path, where you have been, and where you may be going.  We will utilize transpersonal research methods, such as tarot cards and other oracle systems, to uncover the unconscious processes which underlie any queries about how you are doing, what you are dealing with, and how you would like for your life to go.  You will leave this session with a clearer and fuller understanding of your current or particular situation and how best to move forward.


$100 for 2-hour reading

Individual Counseling and Group Facilitation

$65 per hour

Call today to schedule a consultation

(707) 481-6963



Imagery Work

Discussing dream imagery, fantasy, media imagery, and one’s waking experiential imagery. Archetypal and Symbolic Research…Teaching you to use and understand various texts, symbolic tools, and transpersonal research technologies.


​Art Processes

Specifically designed for you — to access your creative process and to further explore and foster artful living. By activating our creativity, we expand our ability to more fully know ourselves and our gifts … and what we have to offer in our lives, in our families and in our world.


For the past decade, I have facilitated group retreats, group outings and have participated in many group process classes as a facilitator and an instructor.  If you have an existing group and would like to craft a workshop for that group, I can assist with this formulation, and also facilitate.  Or you can check my schedule to see what upcoming workshops in which I may be participating.


Learn More About Shine by Jamie Weil

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Shine Hardback ~

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Upcoming Retreat

Currently, I am collaborating with author Jamie Weil to create a transformative container for a workshop out of her best-selling 2020 book Shine: When Chasing Sacred Spaces Goes Dark; which we will then facilitate worldwide at retreat places such as Esalen, 1440 University, and others, as well as for corporations and other private groups.  Please contact, if you are interested in such a workshop with your group.

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