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Michelle Glaubiger, M.A.

- Counselor

- Teacher

- Writer

Welcome to Visionary Consulting! For more than twenty-five years, I have been counseling, teaching and writing about mental health and the creative process. 

As such, I have been assisting individuals and groups in their search for personal meaning and wellness. I offer a variety of services to help in the quest for self-understanding, life meaning, insight, renewal, and relaxation.

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By emphasizing archetypal imagery, symbolism, and creative processes, and by working in the areas of transpersonal & depth psychologies, I can assist you in your search for transformation and empowerment.  

Discovery Session

During your two-hour session, we work with various oracle systems to explore the active themes and metaphors in your life and how they play into your current experiences. 


I offer counseling for individuals utilizing therapeutic modalities, imagery work, transpersonal research tools, and creative art processes. 

Retreats for Women

With over ten years experience I expertly lead group retreats, group outings and group process classes as a facilitator and an instructor. 

I am so taken by Michelle's insights each time I meet with her. We journey into depths of character and humanness using oracles and other modalities that reveal a new way of approaching emotional blocks and recurring suffering. Her wisdom, braided with an ability to interpret signs and symbols, creates a new understanding of a magical life we all live. I am forever grateful for her willingness to have helped me navigate the ups, downs, and sideways of my life for the past 20 years.

Katheryn H.

Michelle is the most adept tarot card reader I know. Over the years not only has she added so many tools to her readings, but she has honed the intuition needed to get these spot on! After a reading, I often end up using a card from the reading for a screensaver on my own to keep me headed to my True North.  

Jamie W.

What makes Michelle so unique in her oracle readings is her integration of the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the card's imagery within the framework of psychology. So not only are you experiencing a divination reading but her interpretation lends a deeper psychological insight into your life path, matched with guidance on how you might continue that journey. Her Discovery Session will leave you with a lot to process and think about which is a gift within itself.

Felicia H.

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