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Just Begin Again . . . .

I have been trying to figure out how to begin again. By begin again, I mean, how do I turn my attention forward, toward what is right in front of me, toward what will serve the greater good, and fulfill my soul -- how do I best share this work with people who need it?

As many of you know, both of my parents died suddenly and unexpectedly in October of 2021. What has happened in the ensuing year and a half has taken me away from most of my work. It has been a time of dealing with siblings, papers, taxes, estates and grief. However, at some point, in the past couple of weeks, I have noticed the clouds starting to clear and I have been finally feeling inspired to turn my attention to the transpersonal work that I love so much, and that brings such help and healing to others. And, so, I will just begin again.

As many of you may also know, we closed our studio, Full Circle Studio, to the public in March of 2020 in the face of the pandemic; I have not been back to the studio to the do quarterly group events or readings for individuals or even my own artistic work. Most of the readings I have been doing for people since the pandemic have been done over Zoom and this has been quite successful; it has allowed me to work with people no matter where they are.

Also, in the interim, after the studio closed but before the death of my parents, an article I wrote was published in a new book recently released called COMPASS OF HOPE: A User Manual for the Human Condition. This groundbreaking work is a textbook of sorts for how to thrive in today’s world of post-pandemic pessimistic attitudes. My article focuses on the benefits of meditation. The book is filled with articles from 45 different teachers and practitioners on such subjects as meditation, positive psychology, yoga, etc. Head over to Amazon to get your copy today!

In the meantime, start with your breath, be present and begin again. Call me for a reading today!

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