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Talking Mantra to Help Clear the Mind

In my meditation group last week (That’s right! One time a week, we gather in a group to meditate on zoom – we used to meet at the YMCA in Santa Rosa, but the pandemic forced us into our computers), we spent some time talking about mantras – and how they can enhance your meditation practice. according to Deepak Chopra, the word ‘mantra’ consists of two parts: ‘man’ means mind in Sanskrit, and ‘tra’ means instrument. Therefore, Chopra interprets mantra as ‘an instrument of mind’. These are powerful words, sounds, or vibrations that can be used prior to meditation to bring you into meditation more deeply, or can be used at any time to help you calm the mind and become more present.

One of the most basic mantras there is, “Om”, is a Sanskrit word that is supposed to vibrate at the frequency of the universe. “Om” is a very powerful mantra that can be used to start or end a meditation but should not actually be used as a regular mantra, a mantra that you identify as your own and chant always to calm your thoughts and bring about a quiet mind. According to Eknath Easwaran, writer of “The Mantram Handbook,” rather to use something like “Om Mani Padme Hum” which in Sanskrit means “praise to the jewel of the lotus” which can be interpreted as praise to the ”I in the jewel lotus” – the “I” that is ever unfolding and opening to the light – this is a mantra meant to express infinite gratitude and compassion.

Also, according to Easwaran, once you have decided upon a mantra, you should always say the same mantra each time. I have settled on “Clarity; Peace; Compassion” as my present mantra, in the hopes of bringing those qualities into my life and the lives of those I influence. If you are further interested in mantras, pick up Easwaran’s Mantram Handbook for many more mantra ideas and discussions about the use of mantra as an instrument to a clearer mind. Call me, email me, or message me soon to talk mantras or get a reading about whatever you’ve got going on . . .

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