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You, Yourself, Deserve Your Love

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

A few days ago, I did a very interesting reading for a woman. As soon as we turned the cards over, and then added adjunct oracles from two other system, I knew that we were talking about what most women suffer from: tiredness, depletion, a sense of getting ripped off by life, all because we fail to honor our own limits and boundaries, and make limits and boundaries where other people are concerned. Women, especially those of us who are mothers, will immediately recognize this issue. Yet, what we finally came around to, after other card placements were revealed, is that each of us, more than any other person, deserves from ourselves love, attention and affection. While any spiritual seeker knows that life is not fulfilling if we are only living for ourselves; and so ultimately it is our connections with others that makes life most fulfilling. However, we are not put here on this planet to simply serve others and make sure that everyone else’s needs are met, especially if it is prior to our own needs being met or instead of paying attention to our own needs. Are we using the energy that others ask of us as a distraction from our own lives, from finding what has heart and meaning in our own lives? Are we spending our time fulfilling the needs of others simply because we are in a shared life and there are expectations that we provide service to others?

After the reading, I had to ask myself all of those questions. And, the answer I found was that I was NOT putting myself first – I do not generally give myself love, attention and affection before I give it to others. It really is as simple as what is told to us on airplanes – you must secure your own oxygen before you can help another. Are you putting enough thought and energy into your own being? Into your own health? Into your own projects? Well, I for one took this message to heart and I am using that energy today to put into my Visionary Consulting business, to share my helpful thoughts with you all, and to increase my visibility so that you will remember to call me for a reading next time you are feeling unsure, unsettled and unable to find your way through. Call me! You are worth of spending your time, love, attention and affection upon yourself – it's called self care! It is the only way to truly help others, by being true to ourselves and caring for that person -- and that person is You!

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