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  • Michelle Glaubiger

Nature and all her Glory

Right now, we are caught in the sights of nature, not really in all her glory, really, it seems, in all her gory. (And, yes, pun intended).

Point being, that nature is: she is enduring, and what endures is the good and the bad. Definitely, we have been in the grips of the bad. Illness and bad weather events leave us at nature’s mercy, and we feel laid low, out of control. And, this is so, as we are not in control. Nature, however, just as she has her enduringly bad qualities, also has her enduringly good qualities, such as the wonders of mountain vistas and the sweetness of birdsong. We must learn to exist in the middle, be able to hold the “good” and the “bad”. And, in bad times, we must learn to seek the good that nature has to offer. Go for a walk or a drive, find a quiet sunny spot, breathe in the clean air, listen to what whirls around, be with her enduring goodness. She just is.

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